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Site Information

RouteVenus.NET, otherwise dubbed as The Love-Me Chain Network, was brought to life on February 3rd, 2024 and is maintained by Mina. This personal collective (mainly) fulfills the purpose of a virtual storehouse; all the web graphics I gathered or received as a gift from many talented creators over the years are showcased on this site. Moreover, this is the place where I'm able to manage and organize all of the fanlistings, cliques and directories I have joined so far. RouteVenus.NET is also the home for all of my own domain projects I have created over the years.

In conclusion, this site was created in order to build a place that harbors all of my personal interests, hence acting as my own - fairly disarranged, but neat - little corner of the web.

The Name

and the meaning behind it

Sample Icon The name of this collective - Route Venus - is based on one of Aino Minako's character image songs from the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon series. This song appeared in episode 154, when Minako was going to sing for the kindergarten children, and in episode 192, when she was in an idol competition (x). I consider this song to be the most genuine to her character and it's also my personal favorite. In accordance to what has been elaborated in the about section of this site, Sailor Venus (aka Aino Minako) is my all-time favorite fictional character in the scope of the anime/manga universe. Hence, the reasons listed above eventually resulted in my choice for the site's name.

Song Details: (humbly taken from

Listen to the song here and read an amazingly detailed interpretation of it here.

Sample Icon Collectives are usually embellished with creative Network titles, and in terms of RouteVenus.NET, I personally wanted the Network title to correlate with the name of the actual domain, hence I opted for The Love-Me Chain Network.

This notion stems from one of V-chan's attacks that is used in all Sailor Moon continuities; Venus Love-Me Chain was first used in episode 65 to counter Calaveras' Dark Beaut whip. When this attack was performed in the anime, Sailor Venus summoned a chain formed of golden energy which swirled around her, then directed it at the enemies, either to harm them or restrict their movement. It could also be used if a rope or something similar was needed (x).


about the current design

You are currently viewing the very first version of Route Venus featuring Aino Minako/Sailor Venus from the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon series in the original 90s anime design. This version was kindly designed by the incredibly talented Rin; it is a beautifully made layout with obvious appreciation for detail and minutiae, particularly in the sense of reflecting the character's personality. All scans used for the header-image are courtesy of Three Lights. I absolutely adore it! ♥.