Route Venus


I would consider myself a quite creative personality, despite not being exceptionally talented or anything; I suppose I simply love creating something to scratch the itch, out of sheer boredom, and most essentially, if the muse wants.

My personal creations encompass traditional and digital works. However, only the latter persists. I have very much neglected pursuing traditional art due to time constraints and lack of priority. This notwithstanding, my genuine interest in traditional art has not subsided at all, as I'm always down to visit art galleries of any kind!

Graphic Design

As mentioned above, digital artwork basically transcends traditional work [these days], hence is rather deemed mundane. This obviously applies to me as well. Back in my early web days, I was extraordinarily keen on graphic design and everything it entailed, but even that shifted from a passion to a chore at some point. I'm still doing graphics from time to time, but definitely not as much as I used to. That said, if I dedicate my time to graphic design, it will most likely pertain Minako's Sailor Moon Page, Route Venus, and occasionally, Discord/Twitter. Additionally, I have never been much into web design (lack of talent!), however, there are plenty of incredibly talented artists out there, who create absolutely stunning layouts and designs that are certainly a feast for the eyes!

Oh, I'm also still making plenty of gifs, even if its just for personal purposes these days.


These are some examples of graphics I created in the past; I cannot exactly tell you when they were made, but some of them were specifically created for the Galaxy Cauldron Forums xx. I use Adobe Photoshop CC for all of my graphics.

Video Editing

I started getting into video editing in late 2018, when the latter became popular on the internet (mostly Instagram, though). While there have been video edits way before that, I believe a fully fleshed "editing" community that merely focuses on video editing and everything it entails, wasn't a thing until the late 2010s, particularly due to the increasing popularity of social media.

But what is this new thing?!

Video editing is basically about creating creative clip transitions, while utilizing various kinds of (graphical) resources, such as renders (pngs), textures, overlays etc., hence there is quite of an overlap between graphic design and video editing, if I may picture it like this.

I personally have grown incredibly fond of making video edits, especially since it involves music! Whenever I listen to a catchy song, I already envision the edit in my head, which is hella cool, haha! Furthermore, you can basically edit anything you want; be it your favorite character, location, tv show etc., thus there's no limit in terms of creativity. On a personal note, video editing has become my sanctuary; a way to express my feelings, my flaws. Additionally, it easily contributes to putting an anxious mind at ease ♥.

All the previous rambling aside, I currently post all of my video edits on my Instagram account, which basically is 98% Addison at this point, aka my biggest comfort character. I use Adobe After Effects CC for all of my video creations. My "editing style" can be considered quite inconsistent, as I don't stick to a particular pattern and simply edit by feel. I do however, love to use a bunch of sparkly and bokeh overlays!! xx

Finishing an edit usually takes me up to two days, unless it's a quick scrap I usually don't publish on Instagram, but Twitter (where everything else lives!).

I'm certainly not a professional video editor in any capacity, but if you have any burning questions concerning After Effects, feel free to hit me up on Discord, Twitter or Mail! However, if you're genuinely interested in getting into video editing, I would recommend checking out this Introductory course on After Effects basics!


Below you'll find a few examples of edits especially dear to me ♥


As previously discussed in the about section, my writing [skills] solely cover academic paper writing, not fanfiction. Thus said, as a teacher trainee, I hand in papers daily, hence preeminent writing abilities are compulsory. However, that doesn't mean I'm an exceptional writer; I would consider myself above average at most!

According to what was stated above, I'm (at the time of writing) pursuing a teaching degree, majoring in German and English. "Why are you doing this to yourself?" is a valid question indeed, given the [same] amount of paper writing, correcting exams, lesson planning and evaluating etc. applies to both chosen subjects. I personally have always loved the German and English language, particularly in terms of Medieval linguistics. Additionally, one of my biggest [then] childhood dreams was to become a high school teacher. However, my career interests have shifted in a completely different direction by now.

In order to give a brief example of a paper I have written, I may share a [personal] heartwarming anecdote with you: Back in the summer term of 2022, I enrolled for a class called "Witches, wizards, and World Building" and submitted a paper that elaborated on the Coming of Age leitmotif in Hayao Miyazaki's Kiki's Delivery Service (1989). Despite it not having a crucial impact on my degree, it was an absolute joy writing it! The movie itself is one of my most treasured childhood favorites, thus the opportunity of writing an actual paper about it, will never not bring a smile to my face (plus, my lecturer happened to be a devotee of the movie as well... might be the reason this was graded with a 1.0? (4.0 in GPA)).

All of the babbling aside, I also recently started journaling and it has been one of the most fruitful decisions I have ever made; it basically provides a physical option to preserve my lingering thoughts and make them tactile for me, whenever I flick through the inked pages again. The act itself has contributed to properly reflect on my actions and feelings, as well as acting as some sort of vent/relief in the form of penmanship.


I mentioned that fic-writing just isn't for me. However, I engage quite regularly in reading them; indulging in well-written fics that correspond to my preferred themes, is one of my favorite things to do ♥ (especially if canon isn't enough, which is - let's be honest - always the case). Apart from reading fanfiction, all I read is uni stuff that keeps me occupied enough already *sighs*