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This section picks up on web projects I created or run alongside other webmasters. The following projects are still diligently taken care of, thus always updated properly. Additionally, you will encounter a list of projects likely to happen in the future (or those lingering in my mind).

Minako's Sailor Moon Page

aka the "bishoujo senshi sailor moon palace"

Sample Icon As previously discussed in the about section of this site, is the vivification of my very first web-project, hence my baby. Minako's Sailor Moon Page is a General Sailor Moon Fan Site entirely conducted in German that covers all of the franchise's adaptations. However, its main focus lies on the original 90s anime. The domain was registered on September 13th, 2011 and will therefore celebrate its 13th Anniversary as of 2024.

Minako's Sailor Moon Page obtained its name due to a fusion composed of my very own nickname (Minako) and the series the site encompasses. I followed the aim to cushion the project with a personal emphasis to be reflected in the site's name. Aino Minako/Sailor Venus has been my favorite sailor senshi, ever since my first encounter with the original series. Thus, I went by Mina online (the go by abbreviation of Minako) and my ever-growing love and enthusiasm for Sailor Moon eventually culminated in me creating a corresponding fan site of the latter.

The chosen subtitle of the site - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Palace - was established in order to express its magnitude in terms of written content that continues to thrive each day. Minako's Sailor Moon Page provides plenty of information about the series and its adaptations, without neglecting the attention to detail (e.g. trivia, comprehensive character guides etc.). It has always been an absolute joy to work on the site, whether its just small modifications or additions to the already existing content. With that said, the site's content can quite perfectly be considered abundant, hence the term "palace" was indeed chosen properly.

The Galaxy Cauldron

the birthplace of all stars

Sample Icon The Galaxy Cauldron was an online Sailor Moon forum for all ages established in July 2011; a place to meet other passionate fans, chat about your favorite senshi, play or participate in hosted games and events, showcase your very own Sailor Moon collection and much more. I was one of the hard-working admins (Diana), in charge of creating graphics for and around the forum (e.g. for events, games, announcements etc.). As the years went by, forums unfortunately became very much extinct, despite the fact that the Galaxy Cauldron was still visited frequently.

However, as of 2019, the webmistress (and founder) of the forum decided to move the latter to a Discord server. We live amidst the ever-thriving world of social media, thus our beloved web-projects are becoming less appreciated and apparently not sufficiently acknowledged anymore, as time goes by.

Despite the Galaxy Cauldron forum not existing a such anymore, I resumed my role as an admin on the aforementioned Discord server; my duties remain the same, however, their scope obviously dwindled to a point where my services are rarely needed anymore (unless I decide to revamp the sever out of the blue xx).


it's written in the stars

This is a list of projects likely to happen in the future, as I would be utterly thrilled to bring them to life!