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Sample Icon I'm Mina (she/her • 20s • enfp-t8w9 • 🇩🇪) and the webmistress of this ever-growing collective. I'm an aspiring medical student, unbearably talkative and a coffee enthusiast. I was sorted into Slytherin by a sentient magical hat, whereas I'm convinced that it was actually a tie between Gryffindor and Slytherin, as the emphasised traits of both houses reflect my personality the best. I also love to be creative in terms of video editing or graphic-making, if the muse wants.

My personal interests vary from anime/manga, drama series (that ironically serve as my sanctuary), movies from different kind of genres, video games, fashion and skin-care (just to list a few; check my joined fanlistings/cliques in order to acquire a genuine insight into all the subjects I love and cherish).

In terms of fandom-engaging, I tend to ship pairings that are either doomed or merely existing in my head (and love to ramble about accordingly). That said, you will - fairly regularly - watch me indulge in fanfiction on AO3, in order to fill the void and dullness in my heart (with occasional meltdowns over beautifully written scenes I so desperately wish(ed) to be canon). Hence, kudos to all of the talented writers on the aforementioned platform; a gift I unfortunately wasn't bestowed upon.

I prolly ought to add that due to fanfiction, I became genuinely involved with the internet and ultimately, with creating websites. Despite creating several projects as the years passed by, none of them experienced a prolonged upkeep, except for the one I put my heart and soul into; my very first web-project, my baby:, a General Sailor Moon Fan Site that will celebrate its 13th Anniversary (and counting) as of 2024.

Thus said, Sailor Moon has had a very big impact on my life ever since I started primary school in 2004. One of my friends handed me a Sailor Moon poetry album to (obviously) sign into. While doing so, she also added that I'm free to take one of the Inner Senshi stickers with me (the book came with a sticker sheet that consisted of all five inner senshi and some pretty random stickers if I recall correctly xx). Unaware of which senshi I had chosen, fate was sealed upon choosing the Pretty Guardian of Love and Beauty, Sailor Venus, who happened to become my all-time favorite sailor senshi as the years went on. Additionally, my love and admiration for this character is reflected in my very own nickname and the title of the aforementioned first web-project I ever brought to life: Minako's Sailor Moon Page. Furthermore, everything encompassing my favorite Moonie Things can be viewed/read about here!

Just the Facts

Sample Icon Name: Mina (also commonly known as Ally or Val around the web)
Birthdate: October 1st, 1998
Zodiac: Libra sun, Libra rising (yep, apparently I'm a vivification of Aino Minako in several ways! xx) & Aquarius moon
Blood Type: A RhD negative (A-)
Height: 5'6
Eye/Hair Color: emerald green/dark-blonde with hints of red(copper-ish) hues
Hobbies: collecting! being creative in terms of video editing and graphic making (however, the latter depends high-key on my motivation), shopping (thus, spending a bunch of euros on jewelry and make-up), lazy self(skin)-care days, watching my favorite comfort shows, socializing with friends
Favorite Colors: lavender, white, mint green, pink ♥
Favorite Foods: any kind of pasta dish! (or basically the Italian cuisine), ratatouille, cinnamoon rolls, spicy finger foods
Favorite Drinks/Beverages: vodka martini (shaken), lemon-water, iced-frappuccino, matcha latte
Strengths: ambitious, kind-hearted, poised (most of the time), frank
Weaknesses: !impatient as heck, stubborn, sensitive, sometimes a little clumsy (nod to my beloved V-chan ♥)
Pet Peeves: long waiting periods, condescension, licorice, brussels sprouts, getting up early (night-owl here!), eavesdropping
Dream: graduating from medical school and pursuing a residency in obstetrics and gynaecology.

Through the Looking Glass

What else to say about me? As previously mentioned, I'm a very talkative person; I love to ramble a lot about my personal interests and favorites, such as fictional characters, comfort shows, fashion, music etc., hence a lack of coherence may ensue in terms of the following paragraphs.

I'm an absolute coffee aficionado and basically always hungry, or complaining. As a full-time Libra, I'm awfully indecisive; my career choices barely lasted, as the studies I enrolled for never fulfilled me the way they ought to. However, after finishing several medical-related internships, I dared the step of applying for a student job at our local hospital in the OB-GYN department. Upon recieving my acceptance email and having worked at said hospital over half a year, my interest in medicine has grown to the point of deciding to aspire a career in the aforementioned field. That said, my current aim is to eventually get into medical school (hopefully this year) and upon graduating, pursuing a residency in obstetrics and gynaecology. I'm aware that interests may shift during your time in medical school, but I'm not only very keen on said subspecialty, I basically have fallen in love with it, so I apparently doubt that this will change drastically over time, particularly since I didn't grow tired of it at all (quite the contrary; I'm eager to expand my knowledge daily, which is something that hardly ever happens). In spite of being a genuinely lazy person, I tend to become very ambitious and apparently work hard for all of my accomplishments in life, given that they are based on choices solely made by myself and not anyone else.

If I haven't talked about my favorite things enough already, here are some interesting tidbits: I recently discovered that I'm quite a romantic person that cherishes long strolls in the dusky afterglow of the day; hands intertwined, enjoying the early evening breeze (especially in the hot summer days). Also, I'm such an autumn lover, including everything concerning halloween; that particular holiday simply oozes sheer nostalgia to me, which is prolly why I'm always down for 90s halloween movies! xx

Living and spending the rest of my life in New York City remains one of my biggest dreams to this day. Upon visiting the city back in 2017, I have been in love ever since. Perhaps there's - once again - something nostalgic attached to the desire of wanting to spend my life over there, but I personally felt that this is where I truly belong in the world; it basically felt like coming home. Yikes, I'm really dreaming big here.

In accordance to what has been stated above, I'm very passionate about any media that stems from the 90s; despite not growing up in that time period, the movies and tv series that significantly shaped the 90s make me feel incredibly nostalgic and also serve as my sanctuary. Some of my comfort shows (air dates notwithstanding) definitely worth mentioning are Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Private Practice, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, The Nanny (alas, there are way too many to list here, but these are certainly one of my top tier favorites!). I tend to become really fond of a fictional character, whenever their personality traits reflect my own, or basically when I'm able to relate to or sympathize with them. There are plenty of characters that are absolutely dear to me, mostly due to the aforementioned reasons, however, some of the characters implied here actually made me accept my flaws, redeem myself. One of said characters is Addison Montgomery, primarily known from the medical-drama series Grey's Anatomy, but also from its spin-off called Private Practice. I cannot even put into words of what an impact this character left on me (my attempt on preventing myself from digressing will most likely fail with the rambling that will follow, but I honestly never felt more connected to a fictional character in my entire life). I basically am able to identify myself with her in so many ways, which I'm truly grateful for, particularly because this is one of the characters who is capable of making me accept my flaws, my shortcomings. Honestly, I cannot reiterate myself enough here, I'm simply so appreciative of this character ♥.

A few honorable mentions of tv/movie characters especially dear to me: Lorelai Gilmore, Paige Matthews, Phoebe Halliwell, Serena van der Woodsen, Cher Horowitz, Buffy Summers, Rachel Green and Madison Montgomery.

I'm also active on Twitter (still in denial about calling it "X"), where I mostly ramble about anything that's lingering in my mind (*in a deadpan tone* what a surprise!) and occasionally, though rarely, vent. You can also reach out to me via Discord; I usually respond quite fast, especially if I'm on mobile.

Anyways, I love meeting new people, hence feel free to poke me on there anytime xx.


As of: June 23rd, 2024