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Sample Icon Greetings and welcome to RouteVenus.NET, affectionately dubbed as the Love-Me Chain Network, Mina's ever-thriving residence that mainly serves as a personal collective and storehouse for web graphics I gathered, earned or were gifted to me through the years. Furthermore, this project is home to all the subjects dear to me: anime/manga, video games, tv series/movies, and fandoms that are primarily expressed in the form of joined fanlistings, cliques, as well as my own domain projects.

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“Ms. FUKAMI Rica herself sings the image song of Minako. It’s also a song inserted giving the image of Minako dreaming of idols. In episode 154 (S 27), the music was playing on a cassette player as she was about to open her own recital at Honjou Nursery School. Incidentally, when she appeared on stage she decided to sing ‘Moonlight Densetsu’. It’s being used as karaoke. Minako also announces this song in episode 192 (Stars 26), ‘Yume itchokusen! Idol Minako tanjou’ [‘A straight line toward dreams! Minako the idol is born’]” (x)

Manual Updates

08.07.2024: Have made a few minor adjustments to the site and am also working on some more sub-pages, as well as on actual pending projects!
17.06.2024: A separate domain for Route Venus was purchased; the project can now be accessed through
03.02.2024: Route Venus is officially online!


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